The School Social Work Association of Arizona was formed as a nonprofit, professional association in 1991 in Tucson, Arizona. It was formed to promote communication, collaboration, and cooperation among school social workers in the state of Arizona. The Association sponsors an annual conference that provides continuing education opportunities, provides mini-grants to fund projects undertaken by members, and publishes a newsletter twice per year. The Association promotes School Social Work Week each year in March to enhance the understanding of the role and functions of a school social worker.

What do School Social Workers do?

As a part of the educational team effort, SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKERS can provide the following services:

Individual and group counseling.
Social-developmental histories.
Home visits.
Information about resources and referral for services.
Crisis Intervention.
Behavioral observation and intervention strategies.
Develop partnerships with community agencies.
Lead prevention programs.

SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKERS help students to:

Increase academic success.
Improve attendance.
Handle conflicts peacefully.
Prevent bullying.
Understand and use emotions.
Modify unproductive behavior.

SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKERS help families to:

Support their child's education.
Communicate family concerns to the school.
Participate in the child's evaluation and placement in special education when the child qualifies.
Participate in Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and other meetings related to their child's education.
Find resources in the community to address the child's and family's needs.
Address behavioral concerns that may interfere with the child's learning.

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